Cooking courses

Have you always dreamed of being able to cook?
Do you live alone and can not you cook a hard-boiled egg?
Do you want to impress your friends and family with gourmet recipes?
Do you want to discover the chef’s tricks?
Choose from our cooking lessons the one for you … or consult the facebook page to see which lessons or courses are already scheduled for the next month!
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“Classic” lessons

Basics of cooking: theoretical-practical lesson of introduction to Italian cuisine. (Mediterranean diet, traditional cuisine, regional cuisine).
The good kitchen of the 50s: the economic boom changes the menu of the Italians and you can find pastas, sauces, meats and cakes on the table.
Sunday lunch: croutons, meat sauce, lasagne, chicken, rabbit, roasts, crispy potatoes, pies and biscuits.
Carnival cakes: strustruffoli, pancakes, sweet ravioli, cenci …
Easter Lunch: savory dishes like Easter cakes, lamb, eggs, traditional desserts, Neapolitan pastries, traditional Easter dove cake…
Christmas lunch: classic, alternative or cheap menu.
Romantic Dinner: (special Valentine’s Day) aphrodisiac recipes, love cocktails, sweets and heart-shaped biscuits…
Menu based on a dominant ingredient:

  • Trick or treat? That is … the pumpkin, from appetizers to desserts
  • White dinner, based on white foods
  • Menu based on wine and so on, even at the suggestion of the students.

Etiquette of receiving: from the position of glasses and cutlery, to how to serve at the table, as well as suggestions for decorations for various occasions.
Chocolate desserts: from mousse to biscuits a journey through the various possible consistencies of desserts based on chocolate and cocoa.
Mustards and jams: to pair with cheeses, made with seasonal fruit (eg figs and fennel, plums and pink pepper…).
Savory pies and dough to make them: (from “pasta matta” to pasta brisée).

“Alternative” lessons

Recipes for celiacs: theoretical lesson on gluten-free flours, nutritional characteristics and their interaction with yeasts, followed by the realization of various recipes, salty and desserts (bread, schiacciata, cakes and biscuits).
Healthy snacks: easy and quick preparation (the course is also suitable for children).
Fast cakes: various types of cakes to be made in no time, even without oven!
Raw: appetizers, sauces, desserts.
Stuffed menu: traditional and new recipes to fill pasta with vegetables.
American recipes: American sweets, brownies and blondies, cheese cake, carrot cake, pancakes and many other delights of the delicious American tradition.
Paris je t’aime! Discovering French delights… patés, soups, roasts, stews, crème caramel, tarte Tatin and many other delicacies.

“Proverbial” lessons

Le mani in pasta I (fresh pasta): realization of many types of fresh pasta (classic, with tomato, spinach, pizzoccheri ..).
Le mani in pasta II (fresh stuffed pasta): making various types of fresh stuffed pasta (ravioli, cappellacci, tortellini ..).
Chi dorme non piglia pesci! Knowing and cooking fish: theoretical lesson (families, quality, selection criteria, conservation) and practice (cleaning, filleting, methods of preparation and cooking).
Pane al pane e vino al vino! Food and wine pairing: the secrets to enhance your dishes by combining the most suitable wines.
Né carne né pesce! Vegetarian menu: vegetable creams, fanciful pastas, stuffed vegetables, savory pies and desserts.
Vado a rotoli: From appetizers to desserts, savory and sweet rolls.
Nella vita c’è sempre qualcosa da impanare! Tricks and tips for frying perfectly.
Non è farina del tuo sacco! in addition to wheat flour, many good alternatives to use, with sweet and savory combined recipes.
Presi in castagna! The chestnut triumphs on our table with traditional and more original recipes, from tagliatelle to desserts with unusual combinations.
Piangere sul latte versato! Milk is the star of excellent recipes, from classic béchamel to exquisite first courses, main courses or desserts.
A tutta birra! A journey through the various types of beers, production countries and recipes, from appetizers to unusual desserts.
Rompere le uova nel paniere! the egg, from the selection criteria to the nutritive characteristics, to know a fundamental ingredient of many dishes and learn recipes, from salty to sweet.
Per il cacio mi farei topo! Cow’s, sheep’s, goat’s, blue, matured, fresh cheese… Cheese families, selection criteria, combinations and recipes in which cheese is the undisputed protagonist, from appetizers to desserts.

Cycles of lessons – Courses

Several times during the year cooking classes are held at facilities rented in Pistoia or in close proximity.
The courses are divided into four lessons plus a final dinner and address an audience of enthusiasts, eager to learn some more tricks, some original recipes and deepen some topics. Learn while you have fun!
All the lessons are based on a theoretical part followed by a practical one realized by the students. The same applies to the end-of-course dinner menu.
What are you waiting for? Call or write to ask for more information, the next course is definitely going to start!


The cost of a lesson is approx. 30 euros per person (up to 40 euros for lessons that include more expensive ingredients, such as meat and fish). Ingredients, use of tools, and tasting of the recipes are included in the price.
Recipes, duration of the lesson and timetable can be arranged in advance with the students.
On request it is possible to organize individual lessons, even at the client’s home (price to be agreed).
Classes will be held at the headquarters of Il 5ºgusto or in other locations.
Write to for information!